Circa Waves über „Different Creatures“ – [Interview]

Sie melden sich zurück! Mit einem hochwertigen Soundmix aus Rock und Britpop kommt heute das neue Album „Different Creatures“ von Circa Waves heraus. Eine Platte, die sich textlich sehr stark ins Innere von Sänger Kieran Shudall begibt, seine Konflikte und Gedanken offen legt und dennoch nie den Charme von guter Musik verliert.

Vor dem Release hat unser Autor Patrick Kieran noch ein paar Fragen gestellt. Wie Circa Waves klingen und was hinter der Band noch alles passiert ist, erfahrt ihr hier.

You are way past your debut album and waited for everything to settle a little. How do you deal with moments like this as a single person and as a band?

Kieran: I feel ambitious to take the band to the next level. We have seen how fast we can take this band to where it’s got and now want to keep progressing.

I imagine that as a young person you try to put all your ideas into your debut album because you want it to be perfect. How hard is it to come up with new ideas for the following albums? Do you desperately want to reinvent yourself or do you stick to familiar methods?

Ideas have always come easy to me. It’s trying to pick apart the brilliant ideas from the average ones that’s the hard part. I always want the band to be progressing and getting better. If this means a slight change in style then I’m not afraid to do that.

In how far does that reflect in the album title? To me “Different Creatures” sounds a little bit like disagreement and conflict of interest?

The band are ultimately Different Creatures form when this all started. We have changed and evolved into a heavier and more confident beast. Different creatures is not a conflict of interests, its a statement that we have changed for the better.

Your music seems quite down to earth and far away from all the soft pop that’s being played on the radio. But what’s your relationship to modern pop culture? Do you listen to radio-pop at all and even get inspired by certain melodies?

Like all genres, I love some pop music and hate some. I especially love the writing of Max Martin. If pop music has a genuine heart and doesn’t feel like the artist is taking advantage of its audience then it’s fine. Pop artists like the weeknd are the shinning light in what has become an unpleasant pop chart.

Does everyone in your band have a personal favourite tune on your new album? Which are they?

I can’t speak for them. I know my personal favourite is „Out on my Own“. It’s the most powerful song I think I’ve ever written.

Patrick Salmen

Ich bin 23 Jahre, Student an der Uni Kassel, Musiker und Musikgenießer! Meine Lieblingsmukke bewegt sich irgendwo zwischen modernem Pop und klassischem Rock'n'Roll. Von mir könnt ihr immer Berichte und Reviews zu guten Bands aus dem Indie-Rock und Britpop erwarten.

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