Blondage auf dem Reeperbahnfestival – [Interview]

Dieses Jahr haben Esben Nørskov Andersen und Pernille Smith-Sivertsen als Blondage auf dem Reeperbahnfestival in Hamburg gespielt. In der Vergangenheit sind sie noch als Rangleklods aufgetreten. Wir haben mit ihnen über den Namenwechsel ihrer Band, ihre erste EP unter neuem Namen und das Leben als Musiker im Allgemeinen gesprochen.

How are you, how was your summer after the start of Blondage. You’re not touring right now, are you?

Esben: No, actually not.

Pernille: Right now we’re all about writing new songs. We’ll go to L.A. in a week and stay there for a few weeks. Just to work on our own stuff and maybe collaborating with others as well.

So let’s talk about the most obvious topic at the time, which is the change of your name from Rangleklods to Blondage of course. Probably you’re already kind of annoyed talking about this?

Espen: Not at all. The people got to know why, so we’re prepared. It’s alright. I feel like first of all it’s important to say that we don’t leave Rangleklods with any bad feelings. It wasn’t because we were mad about anything. It was more that we just needed a change. Musically but also in our lives.

Pernille: Sometimes you just feel that a project has “done it’s thing”. That’s how we felt with “Straitjacket”, which was a really tough record to make. It took a long time until the album was how we wanted it. And in the end, it actually turned out exactly how we wanted it. At that time we just felt like we had achieved what we could and wanted with this project. So we just wanted to restart ourselves and hit the reset button somehow, to be fueled creatively in a new way.

So you already realised this during the work progress of “Straitjacket”?

Pernille: I think we realised it, when it came to how we approached music on this album. Because it was a great time and we learned a lot about our music and also each other as writers and musicians. It’s been always like an ongoing journey to transform Rangleklods from a solo project into a duo. And i think with Blondage we just really united.

Yes, you already mentioned in older interviews that it took you a long time to write “Straitjacket”. So actually, I really expected a very harsh musically change with Blondage. But listening to your new EP “Blondage”, it’s actually quite close to the music you made before.

Pernille: To us, Blondage is really about doing stuff quicker. And really trust the ideas you get.

Esben: And also we definitely wanted to say goodbye to some of the melancholy, which was in our music earlier. I feel like Blondage is way more uplifting. That’s the feeling that we’re after, way more than we were before, when there has always been like a big sense of melancholy and a blueness to the songs. So we wanted to get away from that and just make warner music. But we really don’t want to part the ways with everything we did with Rangleklods. We see it more as a refinement: Taking all the good stuff and just improving on that rather than trying to do something completely different.

Pernille: I think, mentally and psychologically it can be really good to just decide to change stuff in your life. Not only professionally, but also sometimes with relationships and any other aspect of life. It can just be really fulfilling to make a choice – to be in charge.

So you’re totally happy with the decision? Even though it means that you kind of through away a lot of the prestige and reach Rangleklods had?

Pernille: Actually, I think it has really fueled us to be a new act, because it just really makes you to step up your game and you have to convince people on new terms somehow. And that’s a big challenge for us and really exciting. Also because we think – maybe we’re wrong – we reached the level, we could with Rangleklods somehow. It reached its potential somehow. And with Blondage we just have higher ambitions.

Finally getting out of the niche?

Esben: Yeah, exactly. I mean, we bring with us some of the weirdness that’s in us as people and we don’t want to compromise and just make pop music. The interesting thing to me is, that doing Blondage seems way more honest to me than us doing Rangleklods. Maybe we always felt like we wanted to make the music a little bit more complex and difficult, than it actually had to be, because I wanted to seem like a great musician. Which was pretty cool, but it was not always in the best interest of the song. And I feel like now, we cut off all the fat. If some things are not necessary in a song, we’re not keeping them. So the new songs are shorter. They are more condensed.

Speaking of recording and writing. How does this work for you, as it all begun as a solo project and just developed into this duo thing it is now?

Pernille: During the past, I composed a lot on myself, so that the dynamic on songwriting has become more even by now. Actually, I can present a sketch to Esben and we can work from that. But earlier, I was more kind of a consultant for him– joining the process, when he had something to built a song around. We still do that sometimes and I’m still mostly into the vocals. But it’s so different from song to song that we cannot tell exactly how we make a song.

Esben: Also, by doing the name change we wanted to achieve that Blondage could be more than just the two of us. So whenever we get into a slump, instead of diving into that and staying in it for way to long, we wanna work with other peoples, who can give us new ideas. For example some productions might not be made by me in the future, if it feels right. Because it was tough, being the only ones, who can come up with ideas on the records. Also we just concentrated on what makes a good life. I mean, we like the music that we made, but i wasn’t that happy actually in the end of Rangleklods. And that was fucking stupid, because we have our dream job – we’re musicians. And what we tried, is to get back to that naive fantasy job of being a musician. And I think you can hear that on the songs of Blondage – that we’re much happier than before.

Chris Umbach

Gründer von - studierte, neben dieser Sache mit Musik, irgendwas mit Flugzeugen im Norden Deutschlands und geht, ab und an, auf orangefarbener Schwalbe auf Reisen.

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