Travis – Everything At Once [Album-Review]

I’m ready! I’m waiting for what will come – sounds like someone awaits the darkest of times, right? You won’t believe how far What Will Come is from the darkest of times or even the slightest hint of darkness at all. What you need to be ready for is an album which despite being so simple and straight forward could not be more energetic and powerful, especially when taking into account that it is by a band called Travis who are not exactly famous for their light-hearted and easy digestible music. Their eighth album Everything At Once is due to be released via Red Telephone Box/Caroline International on April 29th and we are ready as hell!

Travis Everything At Once Album Cover

In no more than 35 minutes Travis convince us that there is far more to them than winter blues; and it is not summertime sadness! After seven albums they have managed to create something that is still unmistakably them but at the same time so much more intriguing than everything they have ever done before. It is not that Everything At Once sounds completely different from their other albums but there is definitely a new and yet unfamiliar vibe to it which singles it out from the rest. Take the What Will Come follow-up Magnificent Time, for example, which along with the title-song Everything At Once shows how jolly and colourful Travis can be; take Animals which combines bittersweet strings with a heavy and distorted electric guitar and, finally, the clap-driven Strangers On A Train  just to name a few.

Almost two decades after their debut release Good Feeling in 1997 Travis have finally come around to make an album that does not give us the feeling of dreariness and weariness we all love and loathe but instead presents us with something surprisingly uplifting und cheerful. Now we are at least 3 Miles High and ready for more like this to come!

Tobias Kolle

Lehramtsstudierender und leidenschaftlicher Musik(hör)er.

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