Hinds – [Interview]

Vor zwei Wochen haben Hinds endlich ihr langerwartetes Debütalbum Leave Me Alone (unser Review dazu könnt ihr hier nochmal nachlesen) in die Plattenläden der Welt gebracht! Passend zum Release befinden sich die vier Mädels aus Madrid gerade auf Welttournee. Am 16.01. haben sie dabei auch einen Zwischenstop im Molotow in Hamburg gemacht und sich ein wenig Zeit genommen um mit mir über Leave Me Alone, ihre Freundschaft und das Aussterben von echter Musik geredet!

Hi Ade, Hi Carlotta. You just played the first two shows of your world tour. How is it so far?

Carlotta: Good! Even though it looks like we just started, we didn’t. I mean since Christmas, the days and the weeks before releasing the album were like the most crazy ones! And suddenly the album is out. So it just feels like we’ve been working non stop since christmas.

And does it feel differently to play the gigs, since “Leave Me Alone” ist out there? Do the people suddenly know all the lyrics?

Carlotta: A lot of people are starting to know them. Like seriously. And yes, it feels different. I mean, when you`re touring and suddenly the album is out, everything feels more historically or so. Like you can really say: “I saw them, when they had only one album out!” You know what I mean? And before, it was just impossible to say that.

Everybody will be proud to be here tonight! All over the world, people are talking about Hinds saving Rock’n’Roll. But would you even say, that Rock’n’Roll is endangered?

Carlotta: No! I think there are a lot of people doing a nice job about Rock’n’Roll. I mean, when we’re talking about this, we just talk about the attitude more then about the music. Of course also the music, but more about the feeling of being free and put all your heart and all your soul in what you are doing. And doing it with passion and energy. And there’re a lot of people who are doing that. From rappers to psychedelic bands. I don’t think that the music is endangered.

Ade: I think people are saying things like that, because now there is another way of making music with your computer. And people don’t actually see that as “real” music or something like that. Now you can see computers and buttons and that kind of stuff on stages. So where is the Rock’n’Roll?

Carlotta: Yes, where are the guitars?

Ade: But it’s still music and it’s great. It’s people expressing themselves as they are. That’s why people saying: “Rock’n’Roll is over!” But it’s not true!

Hinds Interview Molotow
© Caroline Hoops

So, you’re saying that you’re putting all your efforts into the music. But when you, Carlotta, started the band together with Ana, was there a plan B?

Carlotta: Actually Hinds wasn’t the „plan A“ until the very very end. We were both studying. Ana wasn’t even in university, yet. She was just finishing school and I started medicine. And we started to get the idea about having a band. She then started at university and kept doing her thing and I, like always, had a lot of different jobs.

So always the Rock’n’Roll lifestyle?

Carlotta: Yes, exactly. A little bit! (laughing).

As I sad before you started the band as a duo and when you had the first success you, Ade, and Amber joined.

Carlotta: Well, that was before the first real success. It was a decision we made, when we recorded the first two songs. Only before releasing them, we knew that we had to be a real band. They just had like our two faces, so on one hand some people didn’t take us seriously, because it was just like to guitars and two voices. There were like “That’s not a fucking band!”, even though we felt like a real band. But it makes so much more sense to be a four-piece with bass and drums.

But going further on this: Everybody is just saying about you: “They are four best friends”. And I just wondered if there was an issue in the beginning like: There is the old “core” band and the new two girls.

Carlotta: No, actually we were best friends with Ade before having a band.

But Amber joined later on?

Carlotta: Yes, we met Amber, because we were looking for a drummer and she plays the drums. We had like a blind date with her.

Ade: And it was super easy with her. It didn’t take long to be friends. It never was like: “What’s this girl doing here?” It was very very fast!

Great! Sometimes, in past interviews, you talked about some struggles you had at the beginning with the english language and with writing lyrics. But after going on tour a lot and all over the world, do you now feel more confident and is it easier to write lyrics?

Carlotta: Yes, but there are still a lot of times in which we take a dictionary. Like: “Ah, how do you say this?”. But of course we do, because we’re not english.

And is it true that you sometimes just find a word and like it so much, that you write a song just to use it?

Carlotta: Yes. It happened only once, but yes. It was “mysticism”. It’s in the lyrics of Arctic Monkeys actually. And we love the way Alex Turner writes lyrics. He’s using a lot of vocabulary and he has this really good timing of accents. So he used this word “mysticism”, I can’t remember exactly in which song. But I mean this sound. We had to use it!

Hinds Live Molotow Hamburg
© Caroline Hoops

Your first album “Leave Me Alone” is just out and you get a lot attention on it. But you already started to work on the second one.

Carlotta:Yes, we actually have two songs. Two ideas, in fact. Not two finished songs.

But after all this success and attention with your very lo-fi sound until now, do you feel some pressure from the outside to make more polished music in the future, or to be more “girlie” because you’re an all women band?

Carlotta: No, not more girlie. I mean we took the decision to make this album like super lo-fi and super DIY at the sound, but we really had the option not to do it. We recorded in a great studio with some great sound engineers. So if we wanted it less lo-fi, we could have had it. So I think it’s great for a first album. And now it opened us a few doors to do a second one and to improve a little bit on the sound. Like enough difference between the first and the second one. There are things that are ok on a first album. Like some mistakes that we kept in purpose. I think the second one will not going to have it. At least not in this amount. I think it’s gonna be great (laughing). But we’re not planning to suddenly be totally pop or something.

Ade: I also think, we’re doing so much. We toured so much and we improved a lot. And the album is made like we have been half a year ago, but now we’re here. So, I think when the time comes to record a second album we want to proof all this touring and playing experience. Actually if we recorded Leave Me Alone right now, it would not sound like it is. Not in a better way, but it just would be different.

You recorded it half year ago, right?

Carlotta: Yes, we recorded it in April, but the music business is super slow. We didn’t know that before! Nobody told us.

Ade: It was like: “We have some songs. Please put them out there!” (laughing)

Carlotta: But you got to wait and wait… (laughing)

Sun Club is supporting you on the first month of your tour. How did you get to know them?

Carlotta: Actually it’s kind of a coincidence. We were carrying all our stuff out of the studio of KEXP in America and they we’re just going in. And they were like: “Hey, you are Hinds!” And they really looked like they were obviously a band! “Who are you?” “We are Sun Club” “Ah, cool cool!” And, Amber, our drummer, she knew them and their music and stuff. And she said it’s perfect.

Ade: Yes, and we love them. They are just so nice!

Thanks for your time and have a great tour!

Chris Umbach

Gründer von reissnadel.com - studierte, neben dieser Sache mit Musik, irgendwas mit Flugzeugen im Norden Deutschlands und geht, ab und an, auf orangefarbener Schwalbe auf Reisen.

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