Golden Kanine – [Interview]

Letzten Samstag war es endlich soweit: Golden Kanine haben beim Kultursommer in Oldenburg gespielt. Linus und Andreas, die beiden Frontmänner der Band, haben sich ein wenig Zeit genommen, um vor dem Konzert mit mir über ihre aktuelle Tour, schöne Plattencover, Zukunftspläne und das große Dilemma mit Spotify zu plaudern.

Reissnadel: I heard your car has been towed away in the morning? Why?

Andreas: I guess because our tour manager was tired and just put it into the first spot he found.

Reissnadel: But you got it back? So you´re still with the same car?

Linus: Yeah, it is. We just had to pay a small fee.

Andreas: We had to pay like 1500 crones.

Linus: So, 150€. Something like this. Could be worse.

Reissnadel: Where have you been for the last year? You have played some shows last summer and since then it was quite silent around you.

Andreas: We´re having kind of a vacation from the band, I guess.

Linus: Two babies happened.

Andreas: Two babies and I moved to a different city.

Linus: In addition, I released a record with different band. Cub & Wolf, you should check it out.

Reissnadel: Yes, I will for sure! So, how is the tour until now? You already had three gigs.

Andreas: Pretty fun! We play very different sizes. Yesterday in Berlin, we played on a tiny stage in a club. The stage was like the drum-podium here. But with all the band on it.

Linus: Actually I think it was even smaller than the podium!

Reissnadel: Are you more nervous before going on stage after one year of not playing together?

Linus: I was, before, but then we had a few rehearsals at home. And after the rehearsals I was very settled.

Andreas: ..and calm.

Linus: From the first note in the rehearsal-space it was like: “Yes, we know this.” Actually some of the songs are better now, after the break. They matured somehow, I don´t know. Something interesting happened.

Reissnadel: A few days ago, I saw that you released a new video for “Cruelty”, which was, somehow, unexpected because it´s a really old song and the teaser was already published last summer. Why now?

Andreas: That´s true. The video was recorded last summer and..

Linus: I don´t know, we never found a good time for it. And now, maybe, it´s a good time. The thought was to release it before Reeperbahn last year, but we didn´t make the editing and the video wasn´t done yet, so we couldn´t release it. So we kind of settled it for a while like an egg. Like an easter egg.

Reissnadel: Are you now working on new material, or planning a tour for the end of this year?

Linus: We will go on tour.

Andreas: But a small one and it´s pretty soon, actually. At the end of September for another week. And then we have to meet and practice some new shit.

Linus: And write new songs. Actually, at the last rehearsal we ended up playing a really old song and it might be part of it.

Andreas: Yes, from an old unreleased album.

Linus: There is an entire album, we recorded before “Scissors & Happiness” in 2007 or 2008, which we never released anything from. So there is a golden jam hiding somewhere and we are thinking about using some of that old old material.

Andreas: In a new costume and we try to rework it.

Reissnadel: Great news! A question to some of the old stuff: Are there any copies of “Scissors & Happiness” on vinyl?

Andreas: No. No, but it should be! I would like to hold it in my hand. I think it´s a nice cover.

Linus: Yes! And it has to be in matte. Matte white and with some texture. That would be really nice!

Andreas: Yeah, and maybe a little bit more yellowish. Yes, we should do that! Thanks for the reminder.

Reissnadel: You’re welcome! Now something to the “new” album: “We were wrong, right?” is a very good and kind of clever title, so is there any story behind it?

Andreas: Yes, several. I mean just look back on your life: On previous tours, on girlfriends, on.. I mean we were wrong, right?

Linus: And I think it reflects well on us. I mean, we have no idea what we´re doing. At all! We´re kind of making stuff up on the fly. And sometimes we were wrong and sometimes we were right.

Reissnadel: One last question, because it´s interesting to see your perspective: What do you think about streaming and all this stuff as musicians?

Andreas: Divided. I think for us, or on our level it´s a good thing, because it´s a way for the music to be heard, but on the other hand we don´t get a penny from spotify.

Linus: Well, it would be penny.

Andreas: So I´m drawn. What about you?

Linus: Yes, it´s pretty much the same. It breaks down the barriers between the signed bands and the unsigned bands. You can just do stuff on your own and that´s really really nice! You can just record your shit at home and be a superstar out of your bedroom and that´s amazing. But the thing with the streaming is that they don´t pay the artists enough money. And it doesn´t really matter if it´s a big or a small artist, they just don´t pay enough. But this thing will solve itself within a couple of years, I´m quite sure. But maybe, it would need some regulating – perhaps from the government. So you pay taxes for everything in Sweden and i think you should do the same for the internet. And that applies for everyone who has an internet-connection in any sort. And that money, that fee, goes more or less straight to GEMA, or something similar, so when you go on the internet you can go to YouTube or whatever. There you track what you watch and what you listen to and just divide, there are enough services in the world which make sure that that happens. So, I mean logistically it´s not a problem. It´s actually a solution. And the same goes for movies actually. They are out there for free anyway. So with this fee you can actually pay for movies, you can pay for music, you can pay for anything.

Reissnadel: But maybe that´s a problem for the people who don´t to listen to music or watch movies on the internet. They would have to pay anyway.

Andreas: Yes, that´s a problem. But, I mean, people are also paying for healthcare even though they don´t get sick.

Linus: I see your point, but is there actually anyone who uses the internet-connection not to use any kind of media? There are even these small movie clips from facebook and stuff. I mean you can become really well known and maybe get even payed, if you make a really nice video of your cat shitting in your corner. I mean these are the videos that have a lot of viewers. I think that´s fair! I think somebody should get payed, even if it is just by fucking accident. You see my point? But maybe that´s a discussion too big for now.

Chris Umbach

Gründer von - studierte, neben dieser Sache mit Musik, irgendwas mit Flugzeugen im Norden Deutschlands und geht, ab und an, auf orangefarbener Schwalbe auf Reisen.

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